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So, just a question of relevance! What are your limits when it comes to RP?

(Mine are here! They're pretty straightforward and standard, lol.)
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Most excellent! I don't mind writing sex if it has a purpose or if it's something I want to explore between two characters (because that can be interesting to explore!), but it's otherwise something I prefer to gloss over.

I have to head out for a birthday dinner in a sec but I shall of course tag when I return home! ♥

P.S. Do you have plurk? If so, mine is spongbong!
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Yes. Smut for smut's sake get very boring, very quickly (for me, at least).

I definitely had fun! Got quite tipsy. Got told off by a cranky restaurant patron for being too loud. I cared not a whim!

Added your plurk, by the by. :)
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